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AM Northwest Show


June 27, 2001

Thirteen Red Hatters from several chapters were in the audience of the AM Northwest show with hosts Steve Dunn and Rebecca Webb.  After the show, we had lunch at a darling cafe, Suzannes, at Beaumont Village, where we enjoyed some great home cooking.  After that, a few of the gals went shopping.
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Audience waiting room.  First row, l-r: Betty, Nelda, Barbara, Carla  Second row, l-r: Fenella, Pat, Dee Alyce and Sheila Kathy Back row, l-r: Kathy, Sue, Barbara, Sheila, Alyce, Nelda, Pat.    Middle row, l-r: Betty, Marg, Carla, Fenella Back row, far right: barely got Dee in the picture.
Audience Alyce, Jill, Nelda Rebecca wearing hat that Alyce gave to her during commercial. Jill and Steve Steve with Red Hat ladies
Great shot of everyone Betty and Steve Bottom row: Fifth grade students from Rigler Elementary in NE Portland More students and their teacher After show, Steve with students
Rebecca and Dee Here's Suzanne, who made us feel welcome at her darling cafe. Lunch at Suzanne's.  Head of table is Pat Dresler, visiting Queen Mother from Spokane. Lunch at Suzanne's Lunch at Suzannes'
Lunch at Suzanne's "Hey, you in the Red Hat, whatcha lookin' at?" After lunch, Pat and Dee went shopping. Pat and Dee  
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