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"Bistro Bleu" Lunch and

Decorating Seminar

November 16th, 2002

Crimson Crone Sandie Heinz planned a wonderful luncheon and holiday seminar event for us at the Bistro Bleu Café within home accessory store Zandia Galleria in Lake Oswego.  About 25 of us (mostly Crimson Crones and a few ladies from other chapters) enjoyed a delicious lunch while engaging in delicious conversation with other red and pink hatters.  Several of the members were new who had responded to the newspaper article about us at Portland Meadows on October 19.  Three gals came as guests but quickly joined before lunch was over.  Do we have fun or what?  The owners of the café personalized the menu for us and each table’s centerpiece was a red hat with red and white flowers sticking out from the top.  They allowed us to keep the hats, so we included them in with the other door prizes.

Following lunch was a home decorating and holiday décor and ideas seminar.  There were gift giving and gift wrapping ideas plus much more.  "Another wonderful day, another wonderful hat."

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