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Queen Jill Meets California Queens at Two Elegant Afternoon Teas


November 6th & 7th, 2002

First tea was on November 6 in Carlsbad at the luscious Four Seasons HotelQueen Fran of the Cherchez La Femme chapter organized a lovely tea which included not only ladies from her chapter but Queen Dorothy of the Coastal Casual Red Hatters of Oceanside and some of her ladies.   Queen Jill brought her Aunt Bebe, who lives in Carlsbad. Bebe had a fabulous time wearing a red hat and meeting all the red hatters.   A great time was had by all.

(The first three photos below have "hover captions".  Simply move your cursor over the image, then let it "hover" for a second or two to view the caption.    Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Queen Jill meeting Queen Fran. On far left is Queen Fran's sister Jo l-r  Queen Jill, Queen Fran & Queen Dorothy Queen Fran with Queen Jill's Aunt Bebe Image012.jpg (41606 bytes)
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The second tea was on November 7 in Bel-Air at the Hotel Bel-Air.  Queen Jill met with Queen Desiree of the Our Gang chapter.  The hotel was elegant with a tropical flair.  Gardens surrounded the hotel and also were growing in and throughout the hotel.  It was quite fabulous.  The two queens enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea in front of a beautifully glassed-in fireplace and sat for hours getting to know each other.

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