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"Chocolate Confessions"

Portland, Oregon, Sunday, October 13th, 2002

About 30 Red Hatters from several chapters, including 16 gals from the Red Hat Soul Sisters, met at a private club inside the Portland Art Museum and enjoyed an outstanding one-woman show, "Chocolate Confessions."

Joan Freed, who is that one woman, did an incredible job acting out different characters who frequented a candy store owned and operated by Coco Bliss.  The musical accompaniment by Craig Jones was fabulous.  To see photos of all the characters she portrayed and to read more about the show, go to www.chocolateconfessions.com.

It was a sweet treat for all of us.  Joan knew there would be a lot of Red Hatters in the audience, and in our honor, one of her characters donned a red hat.   After the show, Joan came back on stage for pictures.   It was such fun.   Then four of us went out for a light bite and a photo op by the water fountain at river front in downtown Portland.

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