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Fashion Show at Koret

Woodburn, Oregon, Monday, September 23rd, 2002

Koret, a womens' casual clothing store in the Woodburn outlet mall, invited chapters of the Red Hat Society to a private fashion show.   They modeled clothes from sizes 4 to 26, some of which were in muted colors of purple. 

The manager, Jill James, the Assistant Manager, Teri Walz, along with their staff, made sure that we had a good time.  They served us punch and cookies and handed out door prizes and goodie bags.   Jill James (Row 1, photo 1), moderated and did some modeling.  Teri Walz (Row 1, photo 2 with Queen Jill) not only modeled but handed out goodie bags to all the ladies and handed out two door prizes.   It was great fun.

After the fashion show, some of the gals stayed to do some shopping. Others went to a light lunch in the mall at New York Burrito, causing a sensation and gathering crowds with our Red Hat regalia.  One couple visiting from Washington State stopped to find out about us, and we passed along information about the many chapters in Seattle.

After lunch, we continued shopping at Koret and other stores in the mall.

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