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Holiday Tea at The Chintz Tea Cup

Saturday, December 21, 2002

The Crimson Crones, along with a few Scarlet Ladies and Vancouver Belles, enjoyed a lovely holiday tea at The Chintz Tea Cup in the Sellwood Antique District of Portland.   The proprietor, Jan Lambert, arranged for live saxophone and guitar music by Peterson Entertainment, and it certainly doubled the pleasure of our afternoon tea.     

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Dorothy and Jean Carolyn and Nicole Barbara, Brenda, Carol, and Helen Arlene, Helen, and Brenda
Sandy and Ida Janet, Elizabeth, and Linda Christy and Kay Christy, Kay, and Sandie
Sandie and Sue Sandie, Sue, and Queen Jill Barbara and Dee Dee, Linda, Betty, and Barbara
Betty W. and Barbara W. Betty and Queen Jill Sue and Elaine Queen Jill with musicians
Queens Jill and Gretchen Queens Jill and Gretchen Linda Brown, making sure that the musicians are properly dressed for tea!
Betty W. with musicians Elizabeth and Queen Gretchen with musicians Queen Gretchen of the Vancouver Belles
Kay, Christy, and Janet Linda, Ida, and Elaine Sandy Black's purple hair Christy
  Christy and Carolyn Janet  

Harborside Restaurant

Several hours after the tea, nine of us went to the Harborside Restaurant at the marina at river front to visit, munch on appetizers, and await the Christmas Boat parade on the Willamette River. We had two tables right at the window for an excellent view.   It was a wonderful day and evening of red hat bonding and getting to know each other better.

Sandie, Linda, and Sue Sandie, Linda, and Sue Christy and Kay View from upper level
View from upper level Restaurant patron asking about the Red Het Society.    

People walking along the river front were quite taken with the sight of so many women in their red hats sitting by the window at the Harborside restaurant.   They frequently smiled and waved at us.

View of boardwalk along the river front.
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