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Pajama Party

Vancouver, Washington, March 15th, 2002

Vancouver Belles hosted a pajama party at Queen Gretchen's lovely home.  Gretchen made darling red night caps for us to wear, and she made fabulous southern fried chicken, Potatoes Maxine, bean casserole, stuffed eggs, and much more, plus desserts, desserts, and more desserts, including white chocolate scones.  Yum!

Vice Queen Nelda had previously gone into the Oregon woods, gathered twigs and sticks, and made each of us a plant stands with a purple top!

We stayed up all night talking, laughing, telling jokes (and yes, some of them were risque.)  This would be a terrific annual event!  

(Photos by Jill Davis and Gretchen Gross.)

(Click on an image to enlarge)

Queen Gretchen Sandie Sandie and Betty seen through the mirror. Queen Gretchen and Queen Dee of the Rambling Roses Queen Gretchen and Queen Jill of the Crimson Crones
Vice Queen Nelda Queen Dee, Princess Jill, and Sandie Joy, Gretchen, Dee Princess Jill, Joy, Cindy Dee
The group... Pajama_Party_3-15-02_014(2).jpg (66006 bytes) Pajama_Party_3-15-02_017.jpg (65884 bytes) Nelda's little piglets Nelda's homemade plant stands!
Pajama_Party_3-15-02_005.jpg (82752 bytes) Pajama_Party_3-15-02_007.jpg (71327 bytes) Pajama_Party_3-15-02_010.jpg (80549 bytes)    
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