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Portland Meadows Racetrack

Oregon's 2nd Annual

State-Wide Adventure.

Saturday, October 19th, 2002

Opening day at the races and 117 Red Hatters, and a few Pink Hats, were there to celebrate.   We enjoyed a fabulous buffet on the third floor in the Turf Club. There was green salad and really good rolls, pasta with vegetables, fresh fruit platter, roasted potatoes, parmesan chicken and prime rib carved and placed on our plates.   Dessert was white cake, chocolate cake, and German chocolate cake.   Our tables were covered with red tablecloths and alternating pink and purple napkins.   The staff sprinkled pink and purple confetti on the center of each table to add to the festivities.

As the Hatters entered the Turf Club, they checked in at the registration table.   They each picked a raffle ticket out of a purple pumpkin.   Thirty of the ticket holders were taken to the Winner's Circle during the third race -- the race which was being sponsored by the Oregon chapters of the Red Hat Society.  The Red Hatters in the winner's circle were televised to all offsite betting parlors nationwide.

We were fortunate to have Oregonian reporter John Foyston join us for the afternoon.   He seemed to delight being in the midst of so many fabulous women.   We even had him wearing a red hat for a while.   We're looking forward to his article in the Oregonian's A&E section probably on November 1.

A special "Thank You" to the three RHS volunteers who assisted at the registration table and helped pass out the door prizes; Dawn-Marie Dancey (Crimson Crones), Dee Smith (Rambling Roses), and Karlene Ernst (Classy Red Hatters).

Cheryl and Greg from Portland Meadows helped Queen Jill coordinate this wonderful event, and made sure things went smoothly - from the food service to guiding the 30 women to the Winner's Circle.   They did a great job.   The entire staff at Portland Meadows did a super job, and we'd like to convey a huge "Thanks" to all of them.

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