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Silverton High Tea

at the Oregon Tea Garden

Silverton, OR, August 24th, 2002

Queen Jill of the Crimson Crones joined Queen Sharron and the Red Hot Red Hats of Corvallis, OR as they celebrated their one-year birthday in the Red Hat Society.  Queen Eileen of Silverton and Queen Janeen of Albany were there to help get the celebration off to a great start.  Queen Sharron's two pink-hatted daughters were there, along with her darling pink-hatted granddaughter.


The Oregon Tea Garden is one of the nicest tea rooms this queen has ever attended.  The food was excellent and generous.  The service was exquisite, and fun was had by all.


After tea, several of us walked around the quaint town of Silverton, stopping in resale shops and antique stores.  Definitely a town to revisit often...

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