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Holiday Tea at The Tea Zone

Portland, Oregon, December 20th, 2002

Sandie Heinz, Betty Perry, and Queen Jill Davis met at The Tea Zone in the Pearl District of downtown Portland for a lovely afternoon holiday tea.  The service was excellent and the food was scrumptious.  Betty and Jill sipped chocolate mint teas, and Sandie tried something with a fruity flavor.  The food was just a bit different from most tea rooms.  We enjoyed apricot scones, Sicilian roasted veggie tartlet, mini chicken curry empanada, herb and gorgonzola phyllo pillow.   Instead of desserts, we substituted quiche.  All fabulous!

We were quite a hit in our Red Hat regalia and took lots of pictures with other patrons and the staff.  One young man, Ryan, came up to us asking if we were part of the Red Hat Society.   He indicated that his mother and grandmother, who lived in two different states back East, also belonged to the R.H.S.  We took photos of him so his mom and grandma could see us all together.

We met other wonderful people including a darling couple, Brian and Jill, who are on vacation, and a lovely gal, Biddy, who works in advertising at the Portland Oregonian newspaper.  We also got a photo of Lisa, a patron who seemed to enjoy watching all our craziness, but it didn't turn out too well.  Sorry Lisa.

We'll just keep on having fun!

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Betty & Queen Jill, along with a great group of ladies at the next table. Sandie and Tony, our wonderful server. Sandie, with two lovely ladies seated next to us. Ryan & Queen Jill, Betty, and Sandie  (Ryan's mother and grandmother back east also belong to the R.H.S.)
Ryan & Queen Jill, Betty, and Sandie  (Ryan's mother and grandmother back east also belong to the R.H.S.) Queen Jill with Jhanne & Colby, who work at The Tea Zone. Brian, Queen Jill, and Jill Brian, Jill, Betty, Queen Jill, and Sandie
Betty Biddy and Queen Jill Lisa and Betty