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Ventura Red Hat Hoot

March 23rd, 2002

Over 500 Red and Pink Hatters converged upon Southern California's beach town, Ventura, either by car or by Amtrak train.  Most hats were from California, with a few from as far away as Texas, Virginia, Vancouver, WA, and Oregon

Queen Gretchen of the Vancouver (WA) Belles, and myself, Queen Jill of the Crimson Crones, flew to California the day before the Hoot and settled in that night at a hotel in Fullerton.  Next morning we went to the Fullerton Amtrak station and boarded with lots of other Red Hatters, including our adored Founding Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper, PrinSis, and Princess Daughter.  The train ride was tons of fun, and thankfully Amtrak added more passenger cars for us so no one had to stand.

Once we arrived in Ventura, there was a big orientation meeting.  The R.H.S. Imperium was set up at one end of the meeting room, and lots of goodies and hats were selling like crazy.

We then walked about two blocks into the heart of Ventura, taking over all the restaurants at lunch time.  Many of them, as well as retail stores, had signs in their windows saying "Welcome Red Hat Society."  Many merchants had purple and red balloons waving in the wind.  It was such fun!  

This Red Hat Hoot was a real hoot!

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Queen Sue Ellen with Queen Jill from Oregon Queen Sue Ellen with Queen Gretchen from Vancouver, WA A Red Hat husband... Image005 (2).jpg (81562 bytes) Image006 (2).jpg (81966 bytes)
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Image013 (2).jpg (73097 bytes) Image014 (2).jpg (59714 bytes) My red & purple rings were a big hit. Image016 (2).jpg (72216 bytes) Image017 (2).jpg (76637 bytes)
Is Gretchen having too much fun? Image020 (2).jpg (70215 bytes) Image021 (2).jpg (77233 bytes) Queens Jill & Gretchen Queens Jill & Diane
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Image036 (2).jpg (75179 bytes) Florence and her beautiful hats Queen Jill & Princess Daughter Queen Jill & Princess Daughter Rony, Jill, & Nita
Rony, Jill, & Nita - clowning! PrinSis Jane on far left.  Queen Gretchen on far right Three Queens Two Queens  
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