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Tea and the Arts

January 18th, 2003

The Crimson Crones chapter of the Red Hat Society celebrated its two-year anniversary.  Pink Hatter Rose Puskas planned a lovely afternoon.  She provided a wonderful sampling of loose teas for us to try and served four delicious cakes.  Rose had invited us to bring a favorite poem to read, read a passage from a favorite book, or show off a painting or craft we had done.


Some ladies read poetry they had written, one told a story with props, another recited a monologue in costume, and other favorite pieces were read and a few jokes were told.  Two gals brought watercolor and oil paintings to proudly share with us.  Other hatters brought craft items to show, along with home made Christmas stockings and fancy bibs with purple ruffles at the bottom.


Queen Jill videotaped the event and regrettably didnít get still photos of the ladies performing or reading their poetry, etc., for the website.  Still, it'll be fun to get together in the future to watch the video.


The official musical instrument of the Red Hat Society is the Kazoo.  Queen Jill passed out red and purple kazoos.  What a hoot!   Too bad we didnít get that on the video.  Next time...

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