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Bomber Restaurant
Tea and Vintage Fashion Show

Milwaukie, Oregon
October 26th, 2003

A vintage fashion show and tea honoring the women of World War II was coordinated and presented by Terry Scott.  (See photo Row 8, column 3, next to Queen Jill.)  Thank you so much, Terry.   The delicious food was provided by her mother-in-law Punky Scott, owner of the Wings of Freedom Showcase and the Bomber Restaurant in Milwaukie, Oregon.  (See photo below: bottom row, fourth picture.)   About half of the guests, around 40, were red hatters from about four or five chapters.

There was live entertainment by the Two Sisters Trio, Terry Scott and Laura Erickson, who sang songs from the 1940's.  (See photos at row 5, columns 3 and 4.)   There were five or six models who wore clothing and military uniforms from that era.   

Model Teri Brown wore a U.S. Marine Corps uniform which was originally worn by Technical Sergeant Betty Thompson from 1941 to1945.  It was very thrilling to learn that Betty was one of the guests having tea.  We snapped photos of her standing side-by-side with Teri, who was wearing Betty's old uniform.    (See pictures in bottom row.)

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