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Western Culinary Institute

February 25th, 2003

Janet Irwin hosted a wonderful luncheon at the Western Culinary Institute.  We had a private room, where the menu was excellent and the service impeccable.   We feasted on Gravlox spring rolls with cucumbers and capers; roasted butternut squash soup; margarita shrimp salad, poulet boursin (a fabulous chicken dish); and a chocolate decadence mousse.


Janet made place cards for each table and tried to have as many people sit with others they did not know in order to cultivate new friendships.  It worked! The door prizes were the beautiful daffodils on each table.


During lunch Christopher Vetter, editor of on-line publication Inside Portland, came over to talk with us and find out about the Red Hat Society.   He interviewed some of the ladies and plans to do a follow-up interview in the near future, after which he will publish an article about the Red Hat Society.  Christopher was accompanied by a co-worker and his mother, Laura.   When Laura saw how much fun we were all having, she joined the Red Hat Society the very next day.


After the entree and before the chocolate decadence dessert was served, Executive Chef Jon Wirtis came in to see how we enjoyed our lunch.   His face lit up at our raves and accolades, and he immediately arranged to have pictures taken of him surrounded by all of us.   In one of the pictures he even donned a red hat.

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