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Friendship Tea

Sept. 20th, 2003

Crimson Crone Barbara Werts (on right in first picture below) hosted a fabulous Friendship Tea at Queen Jill's clubhouse.  She arranged for a professional and knowledgeable guest speaker, Cyrilla Gleason (on left in  first picture below).  Cyrilla is a Certified Tea Etiquette Consultant and has special training by The Protocol School of Washington, the leader in etiquette and protocol services.  

Cyrilla not only shared with us her wealth of tea knowledge and history, she also educated us in the proper manner in which to host a tea party and the various rules of tea etiquette.   

Hostess Barbara and the Tea Committee (second picture below), consisting of six Crimson Crones (Jean Bryant-cucumber sandwiches; Ida Partlow - lemon bars and chocolate chip cookies; Sandy Black - variety of deli sandwiches; Linda Brown - fresh fruit salad with ginger yogurt dressing; Jill Davis - cream cheese and spiced cranberry apple chutney sandwiches; and Barbara Werts - creamy cheese cake with cherry topping) decorated the clubhouse with red hats, flowers, and balloons.  Thirty hatters from seven different chapters enjoyed  the Friendship Tea, and lots of door prizes were won.

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