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Mystery Bus Ride to Hattie's Cafe

in Castle Rock, Washington


May 17th, 2003  

  (Additional photos have been added.  Click here to view.)

Queen Jill had a wonderful time planning and surprising her members, as well as members from other chapters, to a day of fun, mystery, good food, shopping, and a kazoo contest.


A 23-seat coach from Starline Transportation picked up the first group of unsuspecting red and pink hatters from a designated pick up location in Beaverton at 10:30 AM.   The bus driver, Gary, was under strict orders not to divulge where we were headed no matter how often or how hard the hatters tried to find out.   We then drove to the second location at Janzen Beach and collected the remaining hats at 11:00 AM.   Gary was lots of fun and made the trip even more enjoyable.   We even had him wearing a red hat for a while.


We then continued on our journey for about an hour, heading north into Washington State.  It was fun listening to the different gals trying to figure out where we were going.  To divert their attention onto something else, we had a kazoo contest.   We each took turns playing one round of “100 bottles of beer on the wall.”   Prizes went to the five top kazooists. 


We finally arrived at 12:15 at the little town of Castle Rock, Washington, which consisted of about three or four blocks in its downtown area.   Four gals who lived nearby met us there, so our group now totaled 27 hats.  The bus dropped us off at Hattie’s Café, a warm, friendly, family-type restaurant (www.hatties-castlerock.com), where 20 of us sat together at one long table and ordered breakfast or lunch from the menu, and seven other hats had pre-ordered afternoon tea and sat at the next table that was reserved just for them.  The food was excellent and the service impeccable.


After our lunch & tea, most of the gals went shopping in the little antique, quilting, and gift stores in town.  At 3:00 PM we boarded the bus back to Oregon, showing off our purchases and enjoying the memories we were making that day.


Queen Jill video taped the entire trip.  What fun it will be to watch it sometime in the future.

(Photos by Queen Gretchen, Joy Kramer, and Queen Jill.)

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Linda, the owner of Hattie’s, couldn't be with us that day, as she was in Orlando, Florida, competing in a bake off sponsored by the Florida National Orange Growers Association.   She placed second with her award-winning entry Orange Glazed, Almond Stuffed French Toast.  Yum!   (

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