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Victorian Country Christmas

December 4th, 2003

The annual Victorian Country Christmas was held in Puyallup, Washington on December 3rd through the 7th.  December 4th was declared the official Red Hat DayQueen Karlene, Sandy McGee & Eyvonne Abraham of the Classy Red Hatters and Queen Jill of the Crimson Crones (photo 1, row 1) drove up together in Eyvonne's van and we had a ball.   When we parked the van, we immediately met a chapter of local red hatters. There was immediate bonding and sisterhood.  (See photos 3 & 4, row 1.)


Once inside, it was like a HUGE Saturday Market with several hundred vendors selling anything and everything you could imagine. There were many vendors selling red hat items and we were like kids in a candy store.


We attended the Starlight Follies, one of the two private performances for red hatters only.  The musical review consisted of singers and dancers whose ages ranged from 58 to 89, and who had all been in show business from as early as four years of age.  The women were red hatters, and they, along with their male counterparts, did a great job of entertaining us with their marvelous voices and dancing talent


There were approximately 300 red hatters at the performance we attended, and lots of door prizes handed out.  They even had a prize for the "best" hat.  Guess what -- Queen Jill won the prize!!!!!  Yes, me!   It was so exciting!  I was escorted on stage and was given a beautiful Swarovski red crystal pen.  What a thrill!  (See photo row 5, column 4.)

We then had lunch in the food pavilion where there were at least 20 food vendors from which to choose. We ate with other red hatters and made more new friends.


Once we left the Victorian Country Christmas, the four of us did some sightseeing, ate a delicious dinner, and then went back to our hotel room and sat around telling jokes, being silly and having lots of fun.

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