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Washington Chapters Visit Portland

June 21st, 2003

Queen Penny of the Royal Jewels of Elan in the Seattle area planned a wonderful two-day trip to Portland.  Twenty-one hats from about three chapters, including three queens, arrived on Amtrak at 11:00 AM.   Queen Jill and seven Crimson Crones met the Washington hats as they arrived at Union Station.  

It was fun watching the parade of red hats approach the terminal, and we were given permission to go out past the "Stay Behind This Line" area to properly greet them and get our first set of photos.  We then walked to the parking lot so the gals could put their luggage in the drivers' cars, and we drove them to their hotel.  A special thank you to these wonderful crones who volunteered to be drivers:  Christy Newell, Ida Partlow, Janet Irwin, Jean Bryant, Joy Kramer, Linda Brown & Sandy Black.

From the hotel, most of the gals wanted to go to Saturday Market.  Some walked there, while others were chauffered by the Crimson Crones' drivers. We shopped and ate and, of course, we received lots and lots of attention.  One vacationing German gentleman wanted to send a photo to his wife and get her interested in the Red Hat Society over there.

Here's what Crone Linda Brown, who went to the old Multnomah County Poor Farm  with two Washington hats, had to say:  "My group went to the old Multnomah County Poor Farm, now known as McMennamins Edgefield Manor, and had lunch in the brewpub before touring the building and grounds.  We reviewed the ledgers showing cost accountings for different years, and talked about some of the colorful residents that called the place Home.   Afterward, we did what all reasonable ladies would do...we went to Papa Hayden's for dessert!   They were great fun and we had a wonderful afternoon!"

(Photos by Queen Jill.)

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Dinner was at a lovely downtown Portland restaurant - Brasserie Montmart.   We had a semi-private, semi-large area all to ourselves downstairs, so we were able to move about and talk with all the ladies.   Although not all of the Crimson Crones' drivers were able to attend the dinnerQueen Gretchen and Vice Queen Linda of the Vancouver Belles were able to join us for dinner and merriment.   Queen Gretchen arranged for a birthday dessert for Betty Perry, who is a Crimson Crone AND  a Vancouver Belle.  As everyone sang Happy Birthday to Betty, Queen Jill played along with a kazoo.   Throughout the evening, a wonderful jazz trio serenaded us from above.

The first photo below is of Queen Penny, who planned the trip, and Queen Jill  who planned the dinner.

(Photos by Queen Gretchen and Queen Jill.)

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