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"Big Purple Undies"

June 6th, 2004

Queen Carol Anderson from Longview, Washington (row 1, photo 3 and row 16, photo 2) extended an invitation to Portland chapters as well to attend the West Coast premier of the new smash hit Big Purple Undies (www.bigpurpleundies.com).

Suzanne Kelman, co-author of the book Big Purple Undies, (row 1, photo 4) was hilarious in her one-woman show, reciting poems from the book such as Hormone Patch, Flying Dentures, and a new one for Red Hatters which will be in their next book.  Her British accent made everything all the more funnier.  She was a hoot!  (Unfortunately, her sister and co-author, Louise Kelman, was not available for this performance.)

Before Suzanne's performance began, Patsy Harbaugh (row 2, photo 1), Lady Heart in Harmony of the Plum Baroque chapter in Kalama, Washington, entertained us by guitar- and lip-syncing to a recording of the Red Hat Society song.  What a star!!  Great way to start off a fun afternoon!

During the afternoon, we all paraded in a large circle, showing off our hats, waved "big purple undies", and played our kazoos.  There were lots of door prizes.  For the entrance fee of $15, we got more than our money's worth.  We also received an autographed copy of the book plus a raffle ticket.

If the show ever comes back to the Northwest, it'll be a MUST to see again.

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Photos below courtesy of Jan Taylor (GritsGirl) and Pam Hoppi of Club Red, Centralia, WA.

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