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Crimson Crones
Third Birthday Celebration

January 17th, 2004

What a wonderful celebration we had!  We met in the clubhouse at Queen Jillís and sat around talking and laughing.  Some of the ladies brought decorations to help make the room festive.  We had an optional sack lunch raffle and a white elephant birthday present exchange.   Food and presents Ė it canít get much better than that!


We had a short meeting to go over events that we wanted to include on this yearís calendar, and to possibly start a quarterly book club and quarterly game night or afternoon.  We then played our kazoos to the tune of Happy Birthday and quickly devoured the delicious birthday cake.


We played the toilet paper game, which is a great way to get to know other people.  We went around the table revealing, confessing, or just laughing about events in our lives so the others could learn more about us.


And then there was the BIG surprise ending:  At 3:00PM,  the Top Deck Barbershop Quartet  (www.topdeckquartet.com) joined the festivities and serenaded us for 35 minutes.  The harmony of Bob Reinecke, Tenor; Sam Vigil, Jr., Lead; Glenn Russell, Base; and Kevin Bier, Baritone was fabulous.  Their first song was Happy Birthday to the Crimson Crones.  They continued with several old and sentimental songs and a little comedy between some of the tunes.  We took pictures of the quartet while they were singing and afterwards while they donned red hats.  Base singer Glenn Russell was also celebrating his birthday.  We plopped a birthday hat and then a purple hat on him to help honor his special day.  Queen Jill videotaped the performance so the ladies will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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