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Trailblazer Game 2004

December 27th, 2004

Evelyn Benson of the Feisty Red Hatters and also the Sweet Hot Tomatoes arranged for a special red hat event at the Rose Garden for the Portland Trailblazers and Philadelphia 76ers basketball game.  As an avid Blazer fan and with a few connections, Evelyn was able to arrange for about 50 to 80 red hatters to sit near each other in the nose-bleed section at a fabulous discount from the usual high price of the ticket.  I didn't see any blood, but several of us got very dizzy up there.  Like "they" say, old age isn't for sissies.  It was such fun.  We hooted and played our kazoos while cheering on our Trailblazers.

Between the first and second quarters, 10 hatters got to dance with the Blazer Dancers.  I understand they had two rehearsals, and it sure paid off.  They looked fabulous and were called the Blazer Belles for their performance. 

I took a few photos with my zoom lens to post on this website.  I also taped the game.  When I got home, I played the tape in slow motion and took more photos from the TV screen.

Here are names of the dancers:

  • Jackie Nicolay               Sweet Hot Tomatoes

  • Ellen O'Keefe                 Sweet Hot Tomatoes

  • Rosalie Newman          Ruby Begonia

  • Eunice Fitzgerald          Victorian Ladies

  • Roz Collins                     Feisty Red Hatters

  • Evelyn Benson              Sweet hot Tomatoes

  • Calla Marshall                Feisty Red Hatters

  • Louise Whittingham     Queen- Feisty Red Hatters

  • Joyce Lontz                    Sweet Hot Tomatoes

  • Patti McKichen               Sweet hot Tomatoes

Ellen and Evelyn were the featured dancers.  The dancers you see in the photos are Jackie with red boa and blond hair.

Eunice was in the long dress and boa and Roz had on a long dress with no boa and a big security pass stuck on her leg.  She doesn't know how that happened.  No Rules!

A big thank you to Evelyn for planning this fun event.  A special thank you to Roz for giving me additional information about the event for this posting.

P.S.  The Blazers lost...

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