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Branson Fling

September 16th through 19th, 2004


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Queen Sandy Fluty of Independence, Missouri, hosted 1700 red hatters at the Third Annual Branson Fling (Page 1, Row 1, photo 1- Queen Jill on left, Queen Sandy in middle, and Queen Karlene on right.  About 15 gals from Portland attended, including two of us from the Crimson Crones (Clara Kries and Queen Jill).  We saw seven shows in five days.

Here is just a sampling of the pictures taken over a fun-filled five days:

The first night, I went to see Andy Williams and Ann Margret.  Great show!  I was able to meet with Ann after the show as she was about to go home (Page 1, Row 1, Photo 4).  We had been neighbors in 1964 in California, where I knew her for about 20 minutes.  I sent a note back stage requesting a quick visit after 40 years, and she graciously allowed me to meet with her.

Next day we went to the Lost In The 50's Show.  It was wonderful.  Queen Karlene wore fabulous 50's fashions, and someone wanted to take a photo of her thinking she was part of the show.

That night we went to the Jim Stafford Show.  He is a musician and comedian.  His routine was about the best I've heard in years.  Truly great comedy.  Not only is he a great musician, but so are his two children (Page 2, Rows 1 & 2).  I also asked if I could go back stage and take pictures, and Jim Stafford agreed.  I invited a red hatter that I didn't know to come with me (Page 2, second row from bottom).  I took lots of pictures of  the red hatters in the audience, and had fun meeting up with Queen Gena Walls from Texas who I hadn't seen in 19 years (Page 2, last two photos).

I missed the pajama party on Friday night.  I'm hoping some hatters will send me photos to include here.  I heard it was tons of fun.

At the Saturday night banquet (Page 3), there was an Elvis impersonator to entertain us along with Roy Rogers, Jr. and his band.  It was quite nostalgic hearing Roy Jr. sing the songs his father sang back in "the olden days."  After that, there were door prizes given out and a fabulous talent show put on by red hatters.

Later that evening, about 40 red hatters went to the California Bar and Grill to listen to the band that usually played at the show 50's At The Hop.  They were fabulous.  As soon as they started playing, the dancing began and never stopped.

The final pictures (Page 4) are from the show at Mickey Gilley's theatre and one picture from Stuck On The 70's show.

Branson was GREAT!  Thank you, Sandy Fluty, for planning such a marvelous event! 

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Lost in the 50's
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