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Sandcastle Day
at Cannon Beach, Oregon

June 5th, 2004

Sandcastle Day at Cannon Beach, Oregon was fabulous.  How could it not be with 54 fabulous red (and a couple of pink) hatters?

THE HISTORY OF SANDCASTLE DAY from the Cannon Beach website.  

"When a tsunami washed out the bridge into Cannon Beach in 1964, residents were relatively isolated until a new bridge was built.  That very spring, families from around the community gathered for a sandcastle contest to entertain their children.  Each year since then, the event has attracted visitors and has grown to become one of the largest sand building contests on the West Coast.

This unique event draws sandcastle enthusiasts from around the world.  From casual spectators, to sand dabblers, to competitive teams; everybody shares in the fun of this unique art form.  Through the morning of the contest hundreds of sand sculptures, castles, and drawings are hand constructed from the "singing sands" on Cannon Beach's shore.  After the awards are presented, everybody enjoys the creations until the tide rolls in and takes the castles away."

We met the motor coach at 9:30 AM in Beaverton and were delighted to discover that our driver, Robin, not only had a great personality, but he was very, very handsome.  The bus was extremely comfortable and had a restroom located in the back.  Is that great or what?  The service was also excellent when I called the charter bus office, MTR Western, to reserve the motor coach, and the price was definitely reasonable for our group.  I would definitely hire MTR Western again.   (www.mtrwestern.com)

The 1- hour drive was such fun as we played our kazoos and sang happy birthday to about six gals who were celebrating the month of June.  Queen Jill (me) found a Bingo website where she was able to create her own bingo cards.  It was easy to do, and I made cards for everyone.  We played two games and prizes were given to the bingo winners.  I created bingo words that were themed for red hatters, but you could also make cards with the theme of birthday party, anniversay, or whatever.  (Click here to visit the bingo card website.)

The weather for our trip was slightly rainy, but with lots of sun breaks to make it a perfect day.  When we disembarked the coach, we were free to shop, go see the sand castles, or have lunch.  No rules!  About 44 of us had reservations at the wonderful Morris' Fireside Restaurant in the middle of town.  Other gals either brown bagged it or ate elsewhere.  The food by Chef Brian was delicious, and service by Joanne was impeccable, all of which just added to the perfection of the day.

Not everyone went to see the sand castles since they were located about a half-mile away, plus you could only see them if you went down to the beach and trekked your way to them.  Fortunately, Dawn Cutting did see them and sent me her photos.  Thank you, Dawn.

Some of us visited a local boutique, Sabra J's Attic, which carried red hat items.  Thank you, Diane, the owner, and her assistant, Jan, for putting up purple and red balloons to help identify their store.  During our lunch at the Fireside Restaurant, Jan stopped by and brought us the balloons to decorate our luncheon room and handed out bags of potpourri beads to take home.

We left Cannon Beach around 3:30 PM and returned to Beaverton.  What a GREAT day!  (Click this link to see photos from last year's Sandcastle Day.)

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)
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