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Mystery Trip 2004

McMinnville, Oregon

August 30th, 2004

Crimson Crone Linda Brown planned a wonderful extra event for us this month.  Ten of us met in the parking lot of the Greenwood Inn in Beaverton.  Linda handed out driving instructions to the drivers and appointed navigators of the three other cars.  They did not know the destination, but were told to follow the directions along a very scenic route.  Because the road had many twists and turns, no one figured out the final destination until they actually arrived in historic downtown McMinnville about 90 minutes later.

The gals were instructed to park behind Oregon Stationers, then come in the back entrance and walk to the right front of the store, where they were greeted by Crone Linda and Queen Jill in the Primrose Tea Room, a lovely corner of the stationery store.

The tea room proprietors, Richard and his wife, prepared delicious lunches for us, including flourless quiche, Shepherd's Pie, Queen Victoria Soup, and incredible scones and lemon curd bars with cream cheese frosting.  It was elegant, relaxing and scrumptious. 

Afterwards, we shopped and walked up and down the three or four main blocks of McMinnville.  The weather was good, the company great, and a wonderful time was had by all.  

(Somehow, I missed getting Ida in the group photos.   Sorry, Ida...)

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