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P. J. Breakfast in Terrebonne

April 1st, 2004

Queen Jill of the Crimson Crones was invited to join Queen Glenda's Rowdy Ranch Rebels chapter from Crooked River Ranch (Row 1, picture 2 on left), and Queen Becky of the Red Hot Hattitudes from Redmond (Row 1, picture 3 - middle) at their PJ Breakfast at the Smith Rock Restaurant in Terrebonne, Oregon (just outside of Redmond).  Queen Glenda presided over the fun event.

There were door prizes, costume prizes, centerpiece prizes, and red hat items were on sale.  We were asked to bring a baby or childhood picture, which was posted on a board for everyone to figure out which baby picture matched a grown-up in the room.

Queen Karlene of the Portland Classy Red Hatters (Row 1, picture 4) is also a member of the Rowdy Ranch Rebels since she often visits her daughter who lives in the area.  Queen Karlene also brought her beautiful poodle, whom we all enjoyed meeting when the event ended.

An absolutely great group of gals, and I'll look forward to visiting them again in the future.

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