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Portland Meadows Racetrack 2004

October 16th, 2004

Another fantastic opening day at the Portland Meadows racetrack.  250  hatters from 47 different chapters enjoyed a delicious private buffet in the Turf Club.  Lots of door prizes.  Thirty lucky hatters went to the Winner's Circle to greet the winning horse and rider from the 2nd race, a race which was sponsored by the NW Chapters of the Red Hat Society.

A special thanks to the volunteers at the registration tables: Karlene Ernst, Betty Weldon, Marilyn Nedell, Edna Mantha, Nan Harding, Marilyn Harris, Fenella Robinson, Anne Murphy, and Ida Partlow, who helped guide people in the right direction.

Queen Jill's camera stopped working after only eight photos were taken.  The day was saved by Queen Shirley Nieminen (Row 2, Photo 3) of Touch of Class chapter, who took lots of pictures and allowed them to be shown on this website.   Big Thanks to you, Queen Shirley.  

Also, special thanks to Greg Bloemke and his staff at Portland Meadows, especially Ken and Andrea, who made sure the day was perfect for us.

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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