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Valentine's Tea at
Princess Jill Shaffer's Home

February 21st, 2004

Princess Jill (See row 1, photo 3, left to right: Princess Jill, Queen Jill, and Good Jill) outdid herself once again as she treated the Crimson Crones to a fabulous and delicious Valentine's Tea in her beautiful Victorian home.  The attention to detail was phenomenal, from the hearts around the front door, the candles on the tables,  to the elegant table coverings with red boas sewn onto the hems of some of the tablecloths and runners.  The Valentine motif was everywhere - on the walls, windows, doorways and lamps.

Oh, the food!  Princess Jill made delectable cucumber, chicken & egg salad sandwiches.  There were cucumber rounds with crab, fresh fruit salad, and cream & lavender scones.   Duchess Joy made her famous delicious sausage rolls.  Princess Jill also made a myriad of incredible desserts.  To name just a few, there were chocolate covered strawberries, cheese cake with caramel and pecans, chocolate truffles, pecan tassies, chocolate truffles, and black forest cake.  I could go on and on. There were several teas, including "Voodoo tea", which contained passion fruit, mango, and coconut flavors.

Toward the end of the tea, everyone received lovely party favors from our hostess.   Thank you, Princess Jill and your prince, Tom, for another incredible Valentine's tea party.

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