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Queen's Tea 2004

February 25th, 2004

Queen Sharon Hall (row 1, photos 2 & 3) of the Portland Red Hot Mamas hosted a beautiful Queens' Tea in her home.  Approximately 20 queens were in attendance, many bringing delicious food to add to Queen Sharon's already yummy table.  It was fun seeing queens whom we don't see very often, and it was wonderful meeting the newer queens.

One of the things we decided was to make the queens' tea/lunch an annual event, which will always be held on the first Saturday of March.  Queen Karlene of the Classy Red Hatters and Queen Jill of the Crimson Crones volunteered to host next year's event on March 5th.

We also planned that Portland will host the 2005 Northwest Funvention during August 5th through the 7th.  A committee was formed to make this a happening event.  Queen Jill has already informed a Washington contact, who was thrilled, since Washington had hosted the event in 2003 (Yakima) and 2004 (Everett).

We thank Queen Sharon again for providing a lovely gathering of the queens.

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