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Tea & "Red-uation of Joan Setniker"
Hosted by Sue Mann

November 20th, 2004

Crimson Crone Sue Mann (see row 4, photo 3 below, 2nd row, on right) hosted a fabulous tea at the home of her neighbor, Mary Ellen, whose catering business is called "Tea with Barbara, Lisa and ME".  (Row 4, photo 1 below.)  The food was excellent and her home was charming.  Before tea was poured, we were given a brief history of high tea, how it came about, and what we would be served.

Before the dessert course, the Crimson Crones conducted their very first "red-uation". The "red-uate" was Joan Setniker, who brought as guests her daughter and two daughters-in law.  Crimson Crone Teri Heitzman is Joan's stepmother.  (Row 3, photo 2)

A pink candle was lit.  Before Queen Jill began the ceremony, Crimson Crone Jean Bryant (row 1, photo 1, standing) recited by heart our inspirational poem, Warning. Then Queen Jill removed Joan's pink hat and placed a red hat upon her head.  Queen Jill then had Joan raise her right hand to her hat, raise her big toe, and repeat the vows.  Afterwards, Joan blew out the pink candle and lit the symbollic red candle.

Then Teri Heitzman concluded the ceremony with loving words and placed a purple and a red boa around Joan's neck.  We all played our kazoos or sang, "For She's a Jolly Red Hatter."  opened her gifts and blew out the red candle at the close of the event.

Marilyn Harris, Jean Mouncey, and Teri Heitzman all wore purple hats to celebrate their November birthdays.  Teri was celebrating the BIG 70.  (Row 4, photo 2)

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