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Rutherglen Mansion Luncheon

May 16th, 2004

Betty Weldon and Queen Jill co-hosted this wonderful event.  Betty (see row 1, photo 2) did all of the original arranging and planning of our delicious menu.  It was so delicious that I feel compelled to share a copy of the main dish menu:

  • Jack Daniels New York Steak  (7 oz. choice steak, seared with a mushroom whiskey sauce)

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu  (Stuffed with honey-cured ham and mozzarella cheese, covered with a roasted garlic butter sauce)

  • Fresh Alaska Halibut  (Stuffed with Dungeness crab and bay shrimp, oven roasted with wine and butter, topped with hollandaise sauce)

  • Penne Pasta with Pan Seared Salmon  (Penne pasta in garlic pesto basil cream sauce, with strips of pan-seared salmon, chopped fresh tomato, and parmesan cheese)

We were all delighted with the cuisine and hope to go back in the near future for their famous Sunday Brunch buffet.  Catering manager Lori (see row 1, photo 3) did an excellent job setting up for our red-hatted group, and her staff was friendly, professional, and cute, which added to the quality of our day.

We had 23 Crimson Crones in attendance, as well as two guests; Queen Karlene of the Classy Red Hatters (see row 3, photo 2, far right); and Helen Snyder (see row 2, photo 3, on right), who will soon be joining a Vancouver chapter.

Since we had four birthdays being celebrated in May, a combination of voices and kazoos sang and played happy birthday.  It was such fun that we serenaded ourselves with two more songs.  With singing, kazoo-ing, eating, and door prizes, we all had great time!

(Picture in last row, last photo submitted by Betty Weldon.) 

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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