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Vegas Valentine's Gala

Las Vegas, Nevada        February 12th, 2004

Queen Joan Middleton of the Vegas Vintage Vamps (row 1, picture 1, on left) hosted a fabulous Valentine's Gala at the Gold Coast Hotel.  I learned about it while I was browsing the Red Hat Society website and checking out the Upcoming Large Events section.  

Queen Joan's daughter made the fabulous rose petal hat that she wore.   Also, Queen Joan and the fabulous people who assisted her did a terrific job of decorating the private room with festive balloons, streamers, hearts, etc.  There were a myriad of door prizes, and each person received a table prize. Mine was a lovely red rose hat pin.  Red hat jewelry and hats were on sale and available for door prizes.

Most of the approximately 150 people who attended were from the Las Vegas area, but some came from as far away as Arizona, California, Canada, and me from Oregon.  I was seated at a table with other queens, as well as Ms. Senior Nevada 2003, Elaine Garrison.  What a terrific gal, as were all those who sat at my table.

The dinner was delicious and the service excellent.  Carl Grove and his trio, Music By Request, provided us with beautiful music.  Later, crooner Gene Koppenhaver's incredible voice had us swooning.  After dinner, we were entertained by nine different people or groups with singing, dancing, and comedy.  They worked hard and their talent was first class.  Unfortunately, my camera wasn't working well that night, and most of the pictures from the evening and the talent events came out too blurry to post.

Thank you, Joan and the Vegas Vintage Vamps for hosting this terrific event.

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