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Barbeque 2005

May 21st, 2005

Crimson Crone Marilyn Harris (Row 1, Photo 3, left) planned a wonderful BBQ and Bingo day for us in the Four Seasons clubhouse.  She brought all the food, which was fabulous.  Her darling husband, Rod, was the "chef of the hour."  He kept those hot dogs and burgers coming until we had to yell "STOP!  WE'RE STUFFED!"   A special thanks to Rod for making the BBQ go so well and allowing time for Marilyn to enjoy the food and socialize.

Marilyn outdid herself in so many ways: the food was fantastic and plentiful; each table was beautifully decorated; she made napkin rings for each place setting; and she made sure everyone won a prize.

When Marilyn got the bingo game started, it was like our very own bingo parlour.  Big thanks to Nan Harding who supplied us with the bingo boards and one of the delicious food items.   There were prizes galore.  We played for hours and had great fun.

Thank you, Marilyn, for such a unique and fun day!

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