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Oregon Gardens 2005

June 18th, 2005

Crimson Crones Linda Brown (row 1, photo 4, standing) planned a wonderful day for our chapter.  We carpooled to Silverton, and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Rose of Sharon Dinner House, a converted Victorian home.  They opened just for us as they do not serve lunch on the weekend.  The owner came out at the end to give us some interesting history of the home.  Our wonderful server, Teresa, gave us fabulous service as we dined on either quiche, hazelnut chicken salad, or turkey sandwich with creamed carrot, dill & apple soup.

After lunch, we drove a short distance to the Oregon Gardens.  Many of us had never been there and some of us had not been there since it first opened.  The gals were quite impressed with the growth and expansion of the gardens.  Some of us walked throughout the gardens while some of us took a tram ride.

A quick stop in the gift shop, a last minute photo op, and we walked quickly to our cars and beat the rain by four minutes.

We had a great time and thank Linda again for her planning of this fun day.

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