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PJ Party, Birthday Party, & Craft Day  

Four Seasons Clubhouse
April 16th, 2005

What a fabulous day!  We celebrated starting our fifth year by having our first pajama party (rescheduled from January's ice storm). Everyone really got into the spirit.  We had lots of fun doing face painting.   See the photos below...

The potluck was wonderul.  Everyone brought such delicious food!  A special thanks to Linda Brown for bringing a fabulous red hat birthday cake from the Beaverton Bakery.  It was a lemon chiffon cake with champagne filling.  Yummy!

The event ended with game prizes, door prizes, and great bonding.

(A special note from Queen Jill:  "I love my ladies! They are the most fantastic and make this chapter the great success that it is.  I love you all!")

(Click here to see additional photos, courtesy of Jean Mounsey.)

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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These photos courtesy of Jean Mounsey.

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