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Red Hat Society Day 2005

April 25th, 2005

Many celebrations of Red Hat Society Day were enjoyed throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

Four Crimson Crones, Jean Bryant, Edna Mary Mantha, Marilyn Harris and Queen Jill Davis (See row 1, photo 3), enjoyed the festivities at the Westfield Shoppingtown Vancouver (formerly Vancouver Mall) in Vancouver, WA.  The event was arranged and hosted by Queen Bobbie Herrick of the Shady Ladies chapter of Vancouver, WA.  (See row 1, photo 1)

Approximately 400 hatters attended and were treated like royalty.  Goodie bags were handed out to all attendees, and we were entertained with music, comedy, and a hat contest.   A fashion show was put on by merchants in the mall.

We then dispersed to shop till we dropped and, of course, have lunch.  Many of us had a delicious lunch in the cafe in Nordstroms.  The food was terrific and the service spectacular.

Must again thank Queen Bobbie, all the volunteers, and the Westfield Shoppingtown Vancouver for arranging such a fantastic day for us in honor of Red Hat Society Day.

Later that evening, 54 hatters, including Crimson Crones Linda Brown, Joan Sequito, Joy Kramer and Queen Jill, showed up at the new Dessert Noir in Beaverton for a lovely dinner hosted by pink hatter and owner, Monique.  (See bottom row, photos 1 and 2.)   It was great fun chatting with hatters we knew and those we were meeting for the first time.  There was a hat contest and lots of door prizes.  We all had a wonderful time.  Click here to see the Dessert Noir photos.

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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Dessert Noir Photos...

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