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Spring Bonnet Fling 2005

March 19th, 2005

Hostess Sandie Heinz (row 1, photo 1, left) organized another fabulously successful Crimson Crones' Spring Bonnet Fling at Rivers American Grill on the Willamette River in Portland near Johns Landing.  There were 95 hatters from Oregon and Vancouver, WA.  It was a day to show off your hat to welcome spring, and did they ever!

There was a hat contest with three categories: Most Outrageous, Most Elegant, and Most Creative.  Each gal ("Goddess at Lunch") was given a number when she entered the room, which was then placed both on her front and back.  For the first hour, the gals went around the room writing down the numbers worn by the hats they liked the best.  The winners and runner ups are on third row from the bottom, photos 1-4.

After lunch, Sandie arranged a wonderful program for everyone.  British Crimson Crone, Duchess Joy Kramer, read an excerpt from an article in the London Telegraph which referred to the Red Hat Society.  It was an awkward piece because in Britain, wearing red hats has always meant that you are not wearing any knickers.

Once the laughter settled down, we were then entertained by Crimson Crone, Duchess of Drama, Jean Bryant.  (Row 13, photos 1-4).  She read to us excerpts from books and the Internet about hat history and folklore.  She even referred to a lampshade hat in one the the books.  There was immediate laughter as we noticed that one of the attendees was wearing a lampshade hat.  (Row 9, photos 3 and 4).

Then Jean proceeded to pull 19 of her own hats out of a bag and one at a time put them on, giving us the story and occasion behind each of her hats.  The oldest hat, the bonnet, was purchased in Tennessee in the 1970s.

The conclusion of the program was a sing-along, a red hat version to the tune of Here Comes Peter Cottontail.  The printed words were at every table and it sounded like all 95 women sang along.  We were fortunate to have four hatters stand up and lead the group (Row 14 , Photo 4 ).  They helped us all sound good.

Thank you, Sandie, for a wonderful time.  And a special thanks to the gals who helped her on this very busy day.  Janice and Joanne at the registration table (Third row from bottom, photo 2), and Jean Mounsey (Row 2, Photo 4) for helping Sandie make the centerpieces and personally seeing that every gal had a number attached for the hat contest.

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