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Vegas Red Hat Society
Convention 2005

June 24th through 29th, 2005

It was Wonderful!  There were more than 5000 hatters in attendance at the MGM Grand Hotel.  We were divided in half – purple track and red track.  All events were duplicated for the second track: Opening ceremonies, PJ breakfast, tea, banquet & entertainment, and farewell breakfast.

Four Crimson Crones attended the convention: Bernita Wood, Clara Kries, Kathy Brush and Queen Jill.  All official activities were held in the MGM Hotel Conference Center – approximately a 2-mile trek round trip from our rooms.  Many hatters had a hard time with all the walking to get to the different events.  Because of Bernita’s hips and my back, we both rented scooters.  It was lifesaving AND fun.

Bernita, Clara, and Kathy had signed up for extra events on Saturday and Sunday before the official opening on Sunday evening: city tours, dinner and dancing at Studio 54, downtown Freemont Street Experience, etc.  Oh, yes, and the slot machines.  They even found some penny slots, which were lots of fun.  Queen Jill saw the newest Cirque Du Soleil show, “Ka”, which was fantastic, and on another night comedian Howie Mandel.  He was GREAT.

Sunday evening Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper arrived at the Opening Ceremony on the back of a motorcycle driven by “Elvis.”  Wow, what an entrance!  During the opening ceremony, they announced how many hatters there were from each state.  Seems 40 were in attendance from Oregon, but only ran into about 6 others, including Queen Pat Palmer and her daughter Ann Gould from the Victorian Ladies.

Monday morning was the PJ breakfast.  Can’t you just imagine the looks on people’s faces as we walked, hobbled and scootered through the casino to the Conference Center in our PJs and slippers.  It was lots of fun, especially meeting red hatters from all over the USA.  Then free time until the banquet that evening.

Some dressed to the hilt for the banquet.  Some did not.  NO RULES!  After a short cocktail party, we entered the banquet room and enjoyed a lovely dinner.  Food and service was excellent.  Queen Jill had photo taken with Exalted Queen Sue Ellen and Vice Queen Linda.  Then came a fantastic show: Impressionist/comedian/wise woman, Louise DuArt (www.louiseduart.com); an Elvis; and then a Tom Jones impersonator.  They were all FANTASTIC!

Tuesday there were “playshops” and then high tea.  Then on Wednesday, the farewell breakfast.

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