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  Crimson Crones Birthday 

January 21st, 2006

The Crimson Crones celebrated big time at our fifth birthday party.  Hard to believe we are starting our sixth year.

We enjoyed a delicious potluck, topped off with a special champagne cake Linda Brown brought from Beaverton Bakery.  There was lots of time for visiting and many, many door prizes.

Queen Jill announced to the Crimson Crones that she will be spending the majority of her time in Palm Desert, California, for an undetermined length of time.  Queen Jill will be spending more time with her father, who will be 90 on April 1, and her son, who will be 35 on July 1st.  She hopes to visit Portland and the Crimson Crones every three months or so.

Jean Mounsey, the new Crimson Crones Vice Queen, will be the contact person for the chapter.

Now for the BIG birthday party surprise.  Queen Jill surprised the ladies with a fabulous Elvis impersonator.  Rod Sharer, who performed at the Portland FunVention last August, was absolutely incredible.  He wowed the gals with a private concert lasting a little over an hour.  He had the Elvis moves and gyrations down so perfectly that the screams and swoons of the ladies never subsided.

What a great way to start our sixth year!


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(These photos courtesy of Betty Weldon.  Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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