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3rd Annual Sandie Heinz
Spring Bonnet Fling 

March 18th, 2006

The Crimson Crones 3rd Annual Spring Fling, which was renamed as The Sandie Heinz Spring Fling in honor of the creator of this event, was held on March 18 at the beautiful Broetje House in Milwaukie.  The theme this year was “The Mad Hatter”.

In attendance were 80 ladies from a variety of chapters all dressed in their finest attire.   A scrumptious lunch of chicken fettuccini, broccoli salad, tossed green salad, oven fresh rolls and chocolate mousse was served.

There was a hat contest with categories of Mad Hatter’s Choice, Alice’s Favorite, and Cheshire Cat’s Purrfect Hat.  The three lucky winners each won a red hat.

At least 25 door prizes were given away.  Jean Bryant (see row 1, photo 3), Duchess of Drama, once again entertained us with some “hat facts”, and Mary Laurie and Sherrie Wilson of the Snazzy Jazzy’s entertained us with piano music and group singing.  Lori and Kevin from the Bright Yellow House was there to show us her fabulous, "one-of-a-kind" hats (See row 3, photo1).  

A special few moments of silence was observed for Sandie Heinz, a Crimson Crone, who passed on March 8 (See row 1, photo 1).

Special thanks from Hostess Jean Mounsey (row 1, photo 2 - right) to Jackie Nicolay, Diana Fitzpatrick, Shirley Ann Shipman, Linda Brown and Jean Bryant for helping to make this a most memorable event.

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