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China Bay Luncheon and NW Senior Theatre Group at Alpenrose Dairy

May 19th, 2007

Clara Kries and Bernita Wood hosted a wonderful lunch at the China Bay Restaurant in Beaverton.  We were in a private room and most of the gals ordered a banquet special that was served on a large lazy susan.  There was tons of delicious food, and it was fun watching the food spin around as the gals helped themselves.  

Two new members were introduced - Betty Conley and Patty EtebariBetty is in two chapters that don't meet on weekends, and she wanted more weekend fun.  Patty hadn't heard of the Red Hat Society until she saw the documentary on PBS a few weeks ago, and she knew it was for her.  

There were door prizes, laughter, and kazooing "Happy Birthday".  Our newest member Betty taught us a new way of singing happy birthday, which made us all laugh.  

After lunch, we drove to the Alpenrose Dairy Opera House where the Northwest Senior Theatre Group put on a special show for red hatters.  The group entertained us with songs from old Broadway and vaudeville shows.  After the intermission, they performed songs and drama from old time radio and TV shows and Hollywood musicals.

Sharon from Society Woman was in the lobby with lots of fabulous things for the ladies to purchase.  A great time was had by all!

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