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Crimson Crones 6th Birthday

  January 20th, 2007  

The Crimson Crones celebrated the beginning of our seventh year.  We have about 30 active members, and four are original members from our first meeting in January 2001.  We enjoyed lunch and conversation at Queen Jill's clubhouse.  We had a small business meeting where we discussed upcoming events, introduced our newest member, Linda Bywaters, and with much enthusiasm congratulated Linda Brown on becoming co-vice queen now that she has retired.  

Next came the flyswatter decorating contest.  Yes, we decorated flyswatters.  Fifteen gals entered the contest, and Yes, they were all Fabulous.  We had prizes for the Most Beautiful (Char Branton), Most Humorous (Jackie Nicolay), and Most Creative (Ida Partlow) flyswatters.  See the photos below.  (Jean Mounsey was standing in for Jackie Nicolay.)  Everyone was so creative that they all deserved prizes.  

Inspired by the movie Calendar Girls, the Crimson Crones just completed making a 2007 calendar.  Vice Queen Jean Mounsey was in charge of the enormous last-minute project, and passed the calendars out after lunch.  We were all pleased and look forward to giving copies to our friends and relatives.  The daughter of our member Jean Bryant was the photographer.  We salute and thank Kathy Bryant for doing such a great job.  We had so much fun during the shoot that we decided we would do it again next year.  Calendar photos will be posted on our website soon.

Finally, we left the clubhouse and drove or walked two blocks to Queen Jill's home to attend a trunk show.  Society Woman, a darling store in Wilsonville that caters to red and pink hat ladies, filled Queen Jill's home (4 rooms actually) with red and purple clothes, hats, accessories, jewelry, slippers, and much more.  We spent approximately two hours shopping, browsing and having fun.  The owner of Society Woman, Sharon Arnett and her husband, did a wonderful job of displaying all the merchandise and having a variety of things for us to choose.  


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