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Drumming Circle

  November 3rd, 2007 

Queen Jill planned a unique African drumming event.  She found a wonderful teacher on the internet, Clifford Koufman (rhythms4u2@yahoo.com), who brought a variety of drums to her clubhouse.  There were five Crimson Crones and one guest, Queen Betty Simonsen of the ChrysantheMums chapter.

First we had a sack lunch and visited for a while.  Clifford arrived, set up the drums, and then joined us in conversation, telling us a little bit about himself.

Then we created a drumming circle where Clifford taught us a variety of drumming techniques, and we learned several African rhythms.  He had such fascinating stories to tell us, and you can see how enthralled we were listening to his incredible life.  This event was a rare treat.  We were all amazed how good we sounded, surprising ourselves with our hidden talent.

Clifford has been playing and teaching the drums for about 20 years.  His interest in music led him to the study of jazz and African music on drum set and traditional West African instruments.  He has spent time in Ghana, West Africa where he traveled and learned music of various ethnic groups.  This winter he will be traveling to another part of West Africa, Guinea, to study with master diembe player Mamady Keita.

The photos below were taken by Queen Jill and Queen Betty.

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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These photos are courtesy of Queen Betty Simonsen of the ChrysantheMums.

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