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  Red Hat Society Day 2007 

April 25th, 2007

Red Hat Society Day at Washington Square in Tigard, (just outside of Portland, Oregon) was a fabulous success.  Approximately 140 hatters were in attendance.  Washington Square's management went all out for us to help make the day great.  Chicos/Soma/Black & White opened their doors 30 minutes early. served a continental breakfast, and gave personal shopping services from their staff.  At 10:00 AM red and a few pink hatters started gathering in the food court for the festivities.

Fran Sabin and Lise Thom of the Crimson Crones did a FABULOUS job taking over setting up the raffle tickets and prizes.  Lise had a loud voice that could be heard by almost everyone when the raffle ticket numbers were called.   Crimson Crone Jean Bryant shouted out the numbers to the gals who were sitting outside the roped-off area and helped get the prizes into the winnersí hands.  Thanks to these ladies, the event ran smoothly and fun was had by all.


Beaverton Mayor Rob Drake came up to the food court and delivered a City of Beaverton proclamation that officially named April 25th as Red Hat Society Day.  (Click here to see the City of Beaverton proclamation.)  We placed a red hat on the Mayor's head and he graciously allowed us to take photos.   (See the photo section below.)


At 11:30 AM, we had a free drawing for raffle tickets.  The ladies signed up for three separate raffles.  One raffle was for goods and services by merchants in the Beaverton area.  The second raffle was for donations from Washington Square mall stores and other fabulous surprises.  The third raffle was for a $100 gift card donated by the Washington Square's management office.  The management office also roped off a private area for us and prepared a beautiful column of red and purple balloons.  Our numbers soon outgrew the area, and we overflowed into the rest of the food court.  It was such fun!


The Body Shop in Washington Square supplied goody bags for everyone, which included samples of three types of creams and lotions.  They also donated two gift baskets for the raffle.

Godiva Chocolatiers came up to the food court and served samples of chocolates that were shaped like little chicks.  They said that they were "serving chocolate chicks to the red hat chicks".  Quite terrific!  They also donated a box of Godiva chocolates for the raffle and mentioned to the hatters that free samples of their chocolate blended drinks would be offered when the ladies visited the Godiva store.

A list was distributed of mall retailers who were offering discounts, free samples, or other goodies to red hatters.  Most of the ladies ate lunch in the food court, and then dispersed into the mall, where they shopped till they dropped!

A big "Thank You" to all the Washington Square stores, Beaverton retailers,  the Washington Square management office, Lori from the Bright Yellow House, who donated a gorgeous hat, and everyone else who donated  prizes for this wonderful day.


In the days prior to Red Hat Society Day at Washington Square Mall, officials from neighboring cities recognized the occasion.   At the April 24th Tigard city council meeting, Tigard Mayor Craig Dirksen issued a proclamation designating April 25 officially as Red Hat Society Day.    The meeting was televised on local public access TV.  Queen Jill of the Crimson Crones chapter went to the meeting to personally receive the proclamation.  She was asked to speak briefly about the Red Hat Society.   (Click here to see the City of Tigard proclamation.)


Also, Portland Mayor Tom Potter issued a formal City of Portland declaration designating April 25th as a Day of Appreciation.   (Click here to see the City of Portland proclamation.)

(Photos by Jill Davis.    Click on the image to enlarge it.)

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DSCF2422-w.jpg (60920 bytes) DSCF2417-w.jpg (63401 bytes) Queen Jill placing a red hat on the Mayor's head. Playing our kazoos and singing For He's A Jolly Good Fellow after he read the City of Beaverton proclamation.
  DSCF2424-w.jpg (66436 bytes) Mayor Rob Drake with Queen Leona Bray of the Sassy Sisters chapter.  
  (These photos submitted by Betty Sorensen, Queen of the ChrysantheMum's.) 
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