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4th Annual Sandie Heinz
  Spring Fling 

  March 20th,  2007  

The 4th Annual Sandie Heinz Spring Fling was held on St. Patrick’s Day at the Broetje House in Milwuakie, Oregon.  The Spring Fling is an annual event presented by the Crimson Crones and named for Sandie, who passed in March 2006.  The Crimson Crones’ hostesses were Jean Mounsey and Jackie Nicolay, who put together a fabulous event (See Row 3, Photo 1).   And a special Thank You to Crimson Crone Lise Thom, who was at the registration table. (Row 1, photo 3)

There were 82 in attendance, some with St. Paddy’s Day hats, spring hats and red hats.  The Spring Fling is a chance to wear whatever hat you want.  There was a hat contest, with categories of Best Spring Hat, Best St. Paddy’s Day Hat, and Most Outrageous Hat.  

A $25 gift certificate from www.CrowningLoriHats.Com of the Bright Yellow House was given to each winner.  The winners were Julienne Eten from the Dazzling Divas for best St. Patrick ’s Day hat (See Bottom Row, photo 2) , Joanne Mecum of the Ruby Begonias for best Spring hat (Row 8, photo 2), and Ida Partlow from the Crimson Crones for the most Outrageous hat (Row 7, photo 4). 

There were door prizes, along with a lovely buffet including beef stroganoff, snow pea salad, curry salad, rice salad, green salad, rolls, and dessert.  The room was beautifully decorated in green for St. Patrick’s DayQueen Mary Laurie of the Snazzy Jazzys from Vancouver, WA played the piano and Barbara Kozak led the group in Irish songs.  Thank you to both for adding such lovely music for our entertainment and enjoyment.

Lori of CrowningLoriHats (Row 2, Photo 4) presented a fashion show of “Hats of A Different Color”.  Ladies wore hats to match their outfits, and Lori also chose ladies from the audience to model her “one of a kind” hats.  The fashion show was the frosting on the cake and absolutely made the day more fun.

At the end of the luncheon, Faye, the niece of the owner of the Broetje House surprised us wearing a hat with a live bird on top.  (Row 9, Photos 3 and 4)

Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to next year!

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