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TheViewpoint Inn Luncheon
Hosted by the Feisty Red Hatters

September 25th, 2007

The Feisty Red Hatters of Gresham outdid themselves in planning this fantasic event open to all chapters.  Eighty red hatters enjoyed the view and old world charm of this beautiful historic restaurant and bed & breakfast.  Though the restaurant is usually closed on Tuesdays, the owners, Geoff Thompson & Angelo Simione, both donning red caps, opened their doors just for us.  The food was fabulous, especially their signature sweet onion soup.

Among the many surprises, a Channel 8 camera crew was on hand to tape the frivolity and camaraderie of the ladies of the Red Hat Society.  We even did a promo for a weather segment to be shown on Friday some time between 5 AM and 7 AM.

Another surprise, which I personally loved, was as we entered the Inn, we reached into a basket and pulled out a table number where we would be seated.  How wonderful to sit with people we've never met or haven't seen in a long time instead of sitting in the comfort zone of gals we usually sit with.  Great idea, Feisty's.

The Feisty Red Hatters paid a lot of attention to detail including keeping us busy with fun questionnaires, door prizes, clever quotes attached to mini red hats at each place setting, and at the end we sang to familiar tunes with new red hat verses. 

Thank you, Feisty Red Hatters.  We had a fabulous time.

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