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Crimson Crones 7th Birthday
Hosted by Vice Queen Linda Brown

January 19th,  2008

A beautiful group of ladies turned out to celebrate the Crimson Crones 7th birthday at the Northwest Grille, located in the Shilo Inn.  January birthdays were recognized for Queen Jill (who was in California), Jean Bryant, and Evy Cook.  As we celebrated the beginning of our 8th year, many thanks to Jean Bryant for reciting the poem "Warning" with such feeling that we all felt it was written just for us.

We enjoyed several games, including HE SAID SHE SAID, HAVE YOU EVER, REPLACE YOUR HUSBAND (or significant other), and THE WOMEN GAME.  Lots of laughs and fun were had by all.  Each game also seemed to bring back memories of similar situations we've all experienced in our own lives.  While they might not have seemed funny at the time, we can now look back with a grin and chuckle. 

After enjoying birthday cake, we wrapped up the afternoon singing "Maalox and Nose Drops" (to the tune "My Favorite Things" that Julie Andrews made famous in The Sound of Music.)

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