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Halloween Party and Luncheon

October 18th,  2008


Marilyn Harris hosted a fabulous Halloween luncheon and party at the Woodburn Grange Hall in Woodburn.  Most everyone came dressed in some type of costume or Halloween-themed outfit. 

The food was delicious and unique.  There were approximately five or six types of soups, including tortellini with sausage and butternut squash.  Marilyn made a wonderful lime jello mold in the shape of a brain, and other desserts that looked like ghosts.

After lunch we played lots and lots of games and there were lots and lots of prizes.  We all voted for our favorite and second place costumes.  Jean Bryant came dressed as the One Eyed Purple People Eater with a matching doll that played the Purple People Eater.  The song won first place.  Sandy Black won second place with the most darling clown costume with a matching hat and pink tutu around her neck for the collar.

Everyone had a great time.  Thank you again, Marilyn, for all you did to make the event a huge success!   

(Photos by Joan Setniker.)

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