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Northwest Senior Theatre

May 16th,  2009


On a gloriously sunny day, 18 of us met for lunch at the Colima Mexican Restaurant before heading over to the Alpenrose Dairy Opera House for the fourth annual special performance by the Northwest Senior Theatre Group just for Red Hatters, their family members and friends.  Approximately 6 or 7 other Crimson Crones met us at the show, so we had quite a nice turnout.  

The very talented performers were as fabulous as always.  Nona Bingham, a 94 year old Minnie Pearl impersonator, outdid herself with very funny jokes and a great sense of humor.   She had taken a train from Medford in Southern Oregon just to perform for us on our special day.   As a surprise for her, Queen Jill got on stage and presented Nona with a red hat (with a price tag dangling in true Minnie Pearl style), which was donated by Lori of the Bright Yellow House on behalf of all of the Red Hatters.  Nona was thrilled and the hat looked terrific on her.  She was quite an inspiration to keep active as we mature, and that it's never too late to make your dreams come true. 

These photos courtesy of Queen Jill

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These photos courtesy of Linda Brown

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