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McMenamin's Edgefield Manor

Hosted by Linda Brown

August 15th, 2009


We had 18 lovely ladies gather at the 'Loading Dock Restaurant' at McMenamin's Edgefield Manor in Troutdale, OR for our August Crimson Crones event.  Edgefield Manor, built in 1911, served for several decades as the Multnomah County Poor Farm.  Just for fun, we invited one of the wait staff and a small group of men (who were bicycling through the area) to don red hats and have their photos taken with us.  They were very good sports about it.

Then, we put on our thinking caps to write our own '6-word memoirs' based on a challenge presented to Ernest Hemingway where he had to tell a story in just 6 words.  Hemingway came up with 'For Sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.'

Each member had a different point of reference so we were able to enjoy  some WONDERFUL stories!  Regrettably, I didn't write them all down as I now wish we'd done.  Here are just a few:

1) Fourth marriage is a success...Rod.

2) Garage sale.  Wedding dress. One dollar.

3) Met beach boy on beach.  Married.

4) Young and pregnant.  Rich husband needed.

5) Been there.  Done that.  Am done!

6) Life is good.  Better than expected.

7) Met Dean.  Five kids.  Looking again.

8) Shaky start.  Spread wings.  Flying free.


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