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McMinnville Tea

June 20th, 2009


Our group enjoyed a wonderful tea with fabulous food today in McMinnville.   The home of Colleen Wilcox is situated high on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley and the mountains beyond.  Her home is filled with collections of Victorian prints, photos, ornate parasol handles, lots of porcelain & china pieces, as well as knick-knacks and lots more.  The gardens outside were just as impressive all around.

Our meal began with fresh fruit with a honey/orange dressing. Next, we enjoyed delicate scones with mixed fruit inside and topped with clotted cream and champagne jam.  Our next course included a variety of savories and sandwiches, and we finished with a variety of desserts including lemon cake, chocolate-peanut butter candies, cookies, and sorbet.  Everyone agreed that they'd never had a nicer tea anywhere before.

A special thanks to Joan Sequito for getting enough extra gals together so we could fill our quota at the tea.

Event and photos by Linda Brown.

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